Head Office
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Our Services: Almost Like Home

Our work is always focused on the individual who requires care and support and who has a right to the same humane treatment that he or she has known throughout life. Dignity, respect, understanding and sensitivity are all practised by our highly trained and committed carers who help to create a trusting and personal relationship with all those who come to us or live with us.

Statement of Purpose

Christ The King Residential Care Homes aims to satisfy the demand to provide continuing aftercare in the community for individuals with mental health problems and their complex needs. To this end we aim to provide a 24hours low to medium safe and quality supported care home for the continual effective and structured rehabilitation program and activities for men and women over the age 18 discharged from psychiatric hospitals, medium secure units or special hospital to redevelop their skills and abilities, build their confidence and self esteem to promote independent living in the wider community. To enable them to resume their usual level of functioning through normal and appropriate risk taking, ensuring privacy, independence, choice, and rights and fulfilling lives.

Improving the quality of life of the individual residents and minimising the risk posted to themselves and to others whilst living in the community is central to all we do here at Christ The King Residential Care Homes.

In compliance with Regulation 8 of the Care Standards Act 2000, it is our intention to regularly review our statement of purpose.

Philosophy of Care

Christ The King Residential Care Homes aims to provide the highest quality of care in a homely and safe environment, for both men and women with a history of mental illness who may also have a history of offending.

We are committed to providing informed choice to enable the residents to think and act independently, taking increasing responsibility for their own lives and maximise their potential without having to rely on staff assistance or having thing done for them.