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A permanent stay in our care home is not always required when a relative needs care and assistance. Day-time part-residential care allows us to relieve the stress from those providing care while allowing the elderly person to remain in familiar surroundings.

Our residential day care services include:

We currently have three care homes setting providing care and support to people with different mental health needs and its associated conditions aiming at reablement, independence and restoration of community functioning and well-being.

We are passionate about the quality of our service we are committed to providing our service users.

As part of our approach to quality, we ensure systems are in place to give guidance to all staff to ensure people using mental health services are treated with empathy, dignity and respect.

We also ongoingly collect feedback from people using our service and their families on their experience of care.

We adopt a Quality Improvement approach which involves the continual change of services through testing, measuring, reviewing and refining.

We carry out quality improvement systematically by engaging frontline teams, service users, families, which leads to sustained improvements that are shared across the organisation.

We have a long history of involving service users in service design, making them particularly well-placed to using quality improvement to support innovation.

We have achieved impressive improvements in people’s care by making quality improvement a part of the way our organisation does things. It has the added benefit of improving the organisational culture and that has a positive impact on both our staff team and the experience of people being cared for.

We take pride in listening to our service users experiences of the service.

We ensure a robust quality assurance system is in place to monitor the efficacy of the service and to implement changes where needed to improve quality.

Feedback of the service is also sought from families, other professionals and MDTs who we work closely with.

We have systems and processes that ensure we are meeting requirements as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014 (Regulations 4 to 20A).

We have effective governance, including assurance and auditing systems of processes.

We are continually evaluating and seek to improve our governance and auditing practice as part of our approach to quality of our service.

We securely maintain accurate, complete and detailed records in respect of each person using our service and records relating the employment of staff and the overall management of the regulated service.

Robust Staff training and development is one of the sources where we devote full emphasis and commitment to drive quality of our service forward.

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